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Rules & Guidelines

Hunza Elysian Resort Duikar

Elysian Rules & Guidelines

Dear guests, to ensure your safety, comport and security during stay, we have outlined the below guidelines & rules.

  1. Room check-in time is 1400 hrs. If guest arrives before check-in time, rooms shall be provided subject to availability. If check-in is before 0800 hrs, charges equal to previous night shall be applied.
  2. Check out is until 1200 hrs. 50% of the room rent shall be charged if checked out till 1800 hrs and 100% room rent will be charged on checkout after 1800hrs.
  3. Non-payment reservations shall be lasted for 24 hours if not confirmed reservation with payment of room rent within the same period.
  4. Confirmed reservations may be amended or cancelled 7 days prior for full refund.
  5. In case of amendment or cancellation takes place less than 6 days prior, 50% of the room rent shall be charged and in case of non-information about amendment or cancellation to Elysian until 24 hrs, 100% room rent shall be charged with no refund.
  6. Cancellations or amendments on the last moment shall only be considered in case of flight cancellation, roadblock, a natural disaster, or any unavoidable circumstances. Refund of payment shall be subject to provision of valid proof of reason for cancellation or amendment to the satisfaction of Elysian.  
  7. Children 7-11 years, shall be charged PKR 1300  per night and a separate Mattress will be charged PKR2500 per night.
  8. If during your stay, for whatever reason, you need to check out earlier, it is necessary to inform the reception 24h prior from departure. Otherwise, full night stay will be charged.
  9. Guests are given the keys upon registration at the reception and are kindly asked to lock the rooms. 
  10. Guests are required to handover their keys to the receptionist upon departure. If guests lose or do not return the key, they are obligated to pay the penalty.
  11. Rooms can only be used by guests who are duly registered at the reception with a valid identity document.
  12. From 21:00 to 07:00 hours is the time of night peace. We request every guest to be careful during this period and not cause noise that can disturb other guests. Disturbing other Guests is not allowed.
  13. Elysian keeps the right to refuse further hospitality to the Guest who disturbs other Guests or on other way disrespects the rules.
  14. In case of cancellation of further Guest stay by the Hotel caused by misbehaviour, disrespect of Elysian Rules and violation of Laws of the Land, Elysian reserves the right to charge for full length of stay as per reservation.
  15. Elysian bears no responsibility for any damage or loss of your personal belongings during your stay.
  16. Wi-Fi internet is free and available in entire Elysian. Password is provided at the reception along with the room-key.
  17. Elysian guests must have appropriate clothes and footwear when they are moving through the public spaces within Elysian.
  18. It is not allowed to take explosive, weapons, inflammable materials or other dangerous chemicals into the Elysian.
  19. Bringing food and beverage from outside to Elysian is not allowed and if so is occurred, such stuff shall be moved away.
  20. It is not permitted to use iron, hot plates, electric heaters or any other heater device without prior permission of Elysian.
  21. For your convenience Elysian has arranged parking in its front. Elysian takes no responsibility for any damage or loss of your vehicle in the parking.
  22. For any damage caused by the Guest to the Elysian property, the Guest is responsible to cover the cost of damage.
  23. Guests may have visitors in their rooms which must be registered at the reception. Visitors are allowed until 8 p.m.
  24. All payments shall be acceptable in local currency only (CASH, CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS & DIRECT BANK TRANSFER).
  25. Taking out of any Elysian Inventory (pillows, blankets, towels) from its premises is not allowed.
  26. If you have any suggestion regarding Elysian services or if you have any technical problem in your room, please feel free to inform us at your earliest convenience. In case of late notice for any complaints that you might have, when Elysian has no chance to react, those situations will not be considered as a reason for accommodation rate discount.
  27. All guests are strictly required to adhere with all applicable laws and refrain from causing any damage to the environment of Hunza Valley to avoid any further legal completions.
  28. We are sure that our guests are fully familiar with and have understood the Elysian Rules at the beginning of their stay with us.

We wish you a pleasant stay!